Admission criteria for the enrolment onto the bilingual programme at the Private High School GALILEO SCHOOL, Dudvážska 6, 821 07 Bratislava 214 for the academic year 2020/2021

1. Entry exams – an examination to determine the essential knowledge, skills and talent, as per the current school legislation (Act no. 245/2008)

2. Upon the agreement of the school principal and the school founder presented to the teachers’ council, pursuant to the Act no.464/2013 that changes and completes the Act no.245/2008 – the School Act, two first grade classes will open.

3. Date, time and place of the entry exams: 2nd April 2020 at 8.30am in the Projection Room at GALILEO SCHOOL.

4. The entry exam will consist of the following:

a) An English language essay on one of the following themes:
              - Information technology
              - Moral values
              - An experience of a real life situation
              - Summer holidays experience
              - The problems of today’s youth
              - The impact of mass media on crime
              - Who is your role model 




b) A cognitive ability test in the English language focused on:
              - Creativity
              - Visualisation
              - Logical Thinking



5. Assessment criteria:
              - 100 points for the English language essay
              - 100 points for the cognitive ability test

6. Enrolment criteria: An applicant must fulfil the criteria of successfully achieving at least 50 points and has not been classified with worsen grade from behaviour at primary school.

7. School principal will publish the coded list of all successful and unsuccessful candidates until the 7th April 2020.

8. These criteria are valid as of 4th November 2019.