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Why a creative school?

At this time the teacher’s work is focused on presenting the theme, to dictate notes, to assign homework and further testing of the students as to how much of the topic they remember. The pupils have the passive role of the listener, without any possibility to enter this process. They are tested on their ability to remember without any checking if they actually understood the topic.

The work for the teacher is becoming monotonous and even for the teacher it does not bring satisfaction.

In the creative school, the pupil is an active part of the education system. The topic is mastered by their own exploration. He/She is searching for information on a certain topic, then this information is manipulated in the form of a project or a discussion theme. The topics for the lesson are received without the feeling that they are being forced on them. The pupil can find a direct connection between theoretical knowledge and their uses in practical life. They are learning the relationship between action, reason and consequence.

The pupils are learning to create a knowledge set, and further to apply it in reality. They can see the sense of education and the fantastic world of knowledge, bringing joy and satisfaction. In the creative school the pupil does not have to memorize lots a data, but they will learn to work with it, to find it, to process it and to apply it.

The teacher has the role of coordinator, guide and regulator, as a helpful explainer and clarifier. This work is very demanding on the teacher’s personality and their teaching preparation. It is also demanding on their approach toward the pupils which requires getting to know each of them better so as to choose the approach best for each pupil. Because of this, it is actually creative for the teacher himself, and gives him/her the wide possibility of using their creativity, and hence greater satisfaction from their work.