Distant Learning - Structure

The course lessons, assignments and tests are the same for regular students of GALILEO SCHOOL and for those studying online. The course structure copies the regular class schedule both in timing and pace. Although students in a distant form will engage amongst each other within the online class, the lectures, assignments tests are the same. Similarly, the forums, blogs, resources and social dimension of the course created for the purpose of distant learning will be available also for the regular students. The course will consist of:

Lectures. These will be videos from regular lessons, two or three times a week. The videos can be viewed multiple times; however they will not be available for the whole duration of the course.

Classes. These will be videoconferences for the online class students focused on interaction, engagement, discussions, practice. Students will be encouraged to actively participate and ask and answer questions. The assignments will be introduced and evaluated. Via the technology of Lync by Microsoft these will also be stored for later viewing.

Assignments. These will be tasks, questions, and essays to be worked out by students and send to teachers for evaluation. Assignments will be graded and feedback will be given. The platform will be a OneNote notebook.

Course literature. These will be textbooks accompanying the course in both paperback form and in a pdf form.

Office 365 and SkyDrive. Online class students and teachers will use the office tools, shared folders, email and calendar for communication and work.

Forums/Social network. Teachers and students will engage for the purpose of learning, cooperation and social interaction through dedicated forums, blogs and social network.

Tutoring Days. Students will optionally attend a tutoring session with teachers to assess and discuss the progress, work on course problems and tasks and set specific goals and targets. These will typically be every two months on Saturdays.

Examination. Students will have an opportunity to take an exam upon the completion of the course. The exam consists of two or three test papers. Examination is administered through British Council and tests will be on separate days at a British Council venue in Bratislava in May and June.